Task:Collaboration infrastructure

This task is related to Objective:Release soon and often.

Here we want to define the infrastructure needed to develop projects in an open and collaborative way. Thre is two views to the question: the project-centric view and the platform-centric view.

Examples of potential conflicts between both views:

  • Garage offers bug tracker and wiki to al projects. However, do we want to use those or push the projects to concentrate in bugs.maemo.org and wiki.mamo.org?
  • Tero is figuring out a strategy to offer git in maemo.org. Is it about enabling git for garage projects or creating a generic git.maemo.org where everybody uploads their code?

Please leave your opinions in the discussion page.

Project level

Let's take as an example the open development of the Application Manager. What there is now and what is needed.

Visible infrastructure

Platform level