Task:Community Council



A process for electing a small "Community Council" should be created and elections held.

qgil is responsible for managing the maemo community on behalf of Nokia. But who is the community? Getting consensus of hundreds of disparate people through mailing lists and wiki-edits means the person who shouts loudest wins.

Therefore - inspired by Debian's Project Leader concept - during the next 100Days, a process for electing a small "Community Council" should be created and elections held.

Roles of the council

  • Monthly IRC meeting with qgil. Open to all, but moderated so only the council members and Quim can talk.
  • Distill maemo community issues, from maemo-* mailing lists, ITT, etc. and raise with Nokia.
  • Understand, and help explain, Nokia's decisions and processes to the rest of the community.
  • Advocate maemo, and involvement in its community, to end-users.
  • Help manage community involvement, for example Maemowiki Action Group, 100Days and 2010 Agenda.

For example, if it already existed, the Council would take responsibility for defining the outcome of the brainstorm, i.e. the format and structure of the individual streams' plans.


This is the proposal for a Community Council based on the proposal from the 100 Days brainstorm. It is a work in progress to be thrashed out over the next 30 days, so these ideas are fluid and will change frequently. Please see the talk page for discussion.


The maemo community currently lacks focus for its issues and ideas. There are a lot of great minds with lots of good ideas but they lack organization and focus. The council will serve to help distill and focus these ideas (from the maemo.org mailing lists, IRC, itT, Bugzilla, etc), bring them to Nokia's attention, and seek to understand Nokia's position on these issues and help to explain it to the rest of the community.

The council will also serve to facilitate a dialog between Nokia and the community on these issues, holding monthly IRC meetings with Quim to discuss progress on existing issues and raise new issues.


The council will be composed of 5 community members to be elected by the community with 1 member as the council chairman. The chairman will be selected by the council after the completion of elections and requires a majority vote of 3 out of 5 council members. If no majority can be reached, the chairman will be the member with the most community votes. Potential candidates must have 100 karma points on maemo.org.


The 5 council members will be elected by the community.

  • Elections are held every 6 months.
  • Nominations accepted 2 weeks before the election begins.
  • Elections last for 1 week.
  • Only community members with karma above 50 may vote.
  • Each community member gets one vote.
  • The 5 nominees with the most votes are elected.


  • The council will hold monthly IRC meetings with the contacts from the Maemo Software team at Nokia to discuss new issues and progress on existing issues.
  • Distill community issues to bring to Nokia's attention.
  • Help manage community involvement (e.g. Maemowiki Action Group, 100Days and 2010 Agenda)