Task:2010 Agenda

This is an ongoing task, planned to be completed during the current maemo.org development sprint. Any help is appreciated!
Please see the talk page for discussion.

Help defining the maemo.org 2010 Agenda. This is taken to mean the vision the community has for the state of maemo in 2010.


[edit] Objectives

Each objective consists of a list of tasks. The list of objectives here is ready for community approval but the tasks in each page need surely more iterations.

[edit] Best community for mobile Linux innovation

Main article: Objective:Best community for mobile Linux innovation

The best open source projects target primarily the Maemo platform.

[edit] Release soon & often

Main article: Objective:Release soon and often

Public releases of Maemo while it's being developed.

[edit] One place to track feedback

Main article: Objective:One place to track feedback

bugs.maemo.org to get Nokia developers involved as well as the consolidated community projects.

[edit] Co-production of official & community documentation

Main article: Objective:Co-production of official & community documentation

Nokia and the Maemo community to collaborate in the production of the documentation developers and other contributors need.

[edit] Community localization

Main article: Objective:Community localization

The Maemo experience in our own language, translated by ourselves.

[edit] Maemo variants

Main article: Objective:Maemo variants

Tools to bring platform innovation to adventurous users.