Apkenv/Game Compatibility/Super Hexagon


[edit] Introduction

WARNING: This guide has been written for Super Hexagon 1.0.3 for the N900. N9 instructions might be different, so try it at your own risk. Older/newer versions might not work.

It also assumes that you already have apkenv setup with all the latest stuff.

Initial bugs:

  • Text does not work
  • Sound does not work
  • Performance is very bad, as it tries to constantly load the missing font.

[edit] Fixing it

Follow the next steps carefully to avoid any issues.

[edit] Extracting APK content

To make it easier to follow this guide, rename your apk to

Use WinRAR (for Windows) or any other alternative tool to open your .APK to whatever OS you are using.

Inside the .APK file, navigate to
and extract it's content, then move it to your N900.

[edit] Moving to the appropriate location

Place the extracted content into (if the folder does not exist, create it)
The final result should be


[edit] Fixing music playback

[edit] N900

Enable extras-devel repository, then install
libsdl-mixer1.2   (should be version 1.2.6-5+0m5+ogg+mp3-2 or later)

This should automatically install the libogg0 dependency, if not already installed on the device

(if using Faster Application Manager, click on the (C)ategory icon and scroll down to "All packages").

[edit] N9

HolgerN has reported that music also works on the N9, if the following packages are installed:


code (as root):

apt-get install libsdl-mixer1.2 libogg0

[edit] Correcting game speed

There is no known game speed fix for the N900.

It works fine on the N9, no need to change anything.

[edit] Playing & Bugs

The game performance should be much better now, although there are still some bugs:

  • The music occasionally hiccups most noticeably when changing level, it also sounds somewhat weird (only confirmed on the N900).
  • Game is too fast on the N900. One real-life second is roughly 1 second and a half on the game. Playing with vsync settings (in settings.dat) doesn't change anything.
  • Small N900 tip: You might find it easier (or harder) to play with the HW keyboard left & right arrow, instead of using the touchscreen.