Maemo devices have a built-in Bluetooth radio that allows you to do things like tether to a cellphone for a data connection, transfer files between devices, and connect input devices.


[edit] Bluetooth Under Fremantle

Some Bluetooth profiles have been disabled or removed from Fremantle, but can be "hacked" to work. Please see Fremantle Unsupported Bluetooth profiles for more details. Maemo Bluetooth capability is based on the Linux BlueZ software stack

[edit] Networking

There are two Bluetooth networking protocols. The first, DUN, is well-supported in Maemo and is the recommended method for tethering to a cellular device. The second, PAN, does not have official support, but is well-supported by the community. PAN is faster and more versatile, but supported by fewer devices than DUN.

[edit] Dial-Up Networking

Main article: Bluetooth DUN

DUN is the primary method for tethering to cellular devices. It is easy to set up and easy to use, but slower than PAN in many cases.

[edit] Personal Area Network

Main article: Bluetooth PAN

PAN is faster and more versatile than DUN, though supported by fewer devices, and not officially supported in Maemo, but support is provided by the community package maemo-pan. PAN is particularly useful for setting up Bluetooth networks between your computer and your tablet.

[edit] Input devices

Main article: Bluetooth HID

Input devices are probably the most common use of Bluetooth. Keyboards are what most people will use, but Bluetooth mice are also an option, as well as interesting accessories like Wiimotes.

A Bluetooth keyboard will work out-of-the-box without only a little setup.

A Bluetooth mouse are more problematic, as, by default, the mouse pointer is invisible in Maemo, but they can be used with just a little configuration. A description how to get it work can be found here.

[edit] File transfers

Main article: Bluetooth OBEX

To utilize Bluetooth for file transfers to or from a Bluetooth device the OBEX profile is used. Many mobile devices support this profile.

[edit] Voice over Bluetooth

Voice over bluetooth can be done but it isn't easy. If you are interested enough, please read Bluetooth stereo audio with XMMS.