Brainstorm 2010/News and Planet

This article is continued discussion from the Maemo brainstorm 2010
Please see the Brainstorm 2010 agenda for more.

[edit] News and Planet

What can we do to improve the news experience for casual Maemo followers?

The same Planet and Social News software will be also used on so advances in these areas will benefit both communities.

[edit] Things being worked on

Nemein are working on the following features already:

  • Better abstracts, as the current text shortening system leaves too much of the story unshown
  • Reading blog comments through Planet, with blog systems that provide comment feeds
    • Regg

[edit] Future ideas

  • Adding more sources for news relevancy calculation: Twitter, Google realtime search, ... (bergie)
  • Some feel that the current options are insufficient, and are working to revive Tableteer (Texrat)
  • Would be nice to distinguish different authors from stories in a single feed (All About Maemo) (GeneralAntilles)