Brainstorm 2010/Packages

This article is continued discussion from the Maemo brainstorm 2010
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[edit] Packages

What can be improved in the packaging & testing processes and interfaces for Maemo application developers?

  • Make it easy for developers to support older hardware (Naranek)
  • Align testing and publishing processes with MeeGo (Qgil)
    • Solve main use-case of an application developer using the Qt SDK and OBS to go from source code to packages ready for Maemo 5, MeeGo (rpm) and Harmattan (deb)
  • Ensure that it's possible to build packages locally without having to go through OBS - need independence from builder for freedom (javispedro)
  • Provide automated hooks to a developer providing easy hints for improving packaging (eg. "We noticed you use *po files for Italian and German. The N900 currently also supports French, Spanish, <add official languages here>. You may want to actively use community resources like or to add more languages to your project. More here: wiki-link") (benny1967)
  • Allow easy mirroring of package repository (ZogG, in this thread)