Brainstorm Intro

The Brainstorm is a community tool to propose ideas and evaluate solutions to implement them. Anybody can propose ideas and solutions, rate them up or down. Thanks to this brainstorming the Maemo team at Nokia and other developers can prioritize better their tasks and select the most appropriate solutions.

Any non-trivial feature requests should go in Brainstorm, not in Maemo Bugzilla. However, bug reports should still go in the Maemo Bugzilla; please don't report bugs via Brainstorm. If you have any doubt, ask, or just go ahead and post in whichever one seems the most appropriate.

For developer information about the Brainstorm tool, see the development wiki page

We use this Talk forum to discuss Brainstorm proposals. At some point the connection between Brainstorm proposals and discussion threads will be automatic. There is no automation yet so this will require Brainstormers to employ the following protocol manually:

  1. Member creates Brainstorm proposal (along with any solutions) Create new Brainstorm proposal
  2. Member captures link of that proposal and starts a new thread in the Brainstorm forum, pasting that link into the first post along with a synopsis (or perhaps the entire text of the proposal as a quote, for example)
  3. Member captures link of new Talk Brainstorm subforum thread, and edits Brainstorm proposal to include it. Cross pollination complete!

Threads in the Brainstorm forum must have a related Brainstorm proposal linked. You have the rest of Talk to have free-form discussion.

Brainstorm proposals must have a linked thread in the Brainstorm Talk forum. Commenting directly in Brainstorm has now been disabled to avoid duplication, and work is ongoing to improve the integration of Brainstorm with Talk.

When a Brainstorm proposal is first created it will have a status of 'Waiting' and voting will apply only to the proposal itself. Once the proposal reaches 10 votes it will automatically become 'Under consideration' and voting switches to the proposed solutions. At present there is no way to get notification of changes to brainstorm but this is also being worked on.