Bugs:Administration guide

This guide is for Bugzilla administrators.

[edit] Creating products

When creating new products, certain steps must be followed to create them properly.

  1. Create a new Extras product.
  2. Check 'Create chart datasets for this product'.
  3. Set vote/votes/votes (20/1/3).
  4. Fill in product/description following the template from other products.
  5. Optionally fill in URL for milestones.
  6. Click 'Add'.
  7. Next you pick the link to edit the product.
  8. Click 'Edit Group Access Controls'.
  9. Somewhere in the list you'll see Default NA for the product you're editing, change that to NA NA
    • If you don't do this, then people cannot file bugs if they are not a member of that group.
  10. Submit
  11. Back in the editproduct, click editcomponents.
  12. Set up the components according to your template.
  13. Update

The product and its components should now be visible and in working order.

[edit] Creating virtual users

Virtual users are used to create watchable QA contacts for components.

  1. Create a new user.
  2. Pick a user to use as a template (e.g., one of these).
  3. The login should follow the format (for Extras products) of <component>@<product>.garage.bugs. So, for Canola's website component, it would be www@canola.garage.bugs.
  4. Randomly mash the keyboard for the password.
  5. Include the word 'watchable' as the disable text.
  6. Then create the user.