CSSU Requests

This is to serve as a placeholder to record all suggestions for CSSU features.

For Developers: Please feel free to incorporate these in upcoming CSSU. Please also add practical challenges to implementation where possible in remarks.

For Community in general: Please add inputs into what new features would be great. If needed update the impact on Remarks, so that Developers, and the rest of us can understand why the feature is important. Note that manpower is limited so please avoid false hopes.

[edit] Feature Requests

Please file well-defined feature requests in bugzilla instead of adding them here. Please read http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=957141 for details before filing them.
Important note: Follow up from the discussion thread in TMO. Please post there if you cant edit this wiki.
Category S.No. Request Remarks Done?
Hildon Desktop 1 Up or down swipe to launch preconfigured application Currently swiping left and right in the landscape homescreen changes desktops. On the other hand swiping up and down has no functionality. The request is to add functionality so that a downswipe can bring the menu, and an upswipe can bring x-term or whatever No
Hildon Desktop 1 Move application menu button to top right corner in portrait 70-90% of world population are right-handed, when in portrait make application menu button appear in top right corner for easier right handed portrait usage No
Modest 1 Select location of Sent or Draft folder Store sent or draft messages in custom IMAP folders instead of local ones. No
Calendar 1 Remove default alarm No alarm for new events by default, or config option to set the default alarm option. No
Calendar 1 Custom action Use event notes for custom scripting action when alarm triggers. And select (silent) profile for the duration of an event. No
Contacts 1 Searchbox functionality in contacts app To help search using virtual keyboard, instead of having open HW keyboard each time No
Maps 1 Fix for voice guidance Currently patches exist to configure it. Not required. No
Maps 1 Save user locations Importing/exporting KML would be very neat addition. :-) No
phone 1 fix for better call support camera key dedicated for answering and disconnecting call No
proxmity sensor 1 fix for proximity sensor related problems while calling proximity sensor turns display dark in sunlight No
call 1 support for 3G video call application for 3G video call No
media player 1 fix for media player playing 720p videos No
Camera App 1 JPEG quality selection It would be great if I will be able to choose JPEG quality level so I can choose between picture quality vs size "in situ" No
Image viewer 1 Draw circle to zoom in/out Draw a small circle on the screen to zoom in (clockwise) or out (counter-clockwise) when viewing photos, exactly like the N900 web browser. No
Modest 1 Encrypt stored passwords For security reasons, Modest should save stored passwords encrypted. A general password manager like seahorse for Maemo would be a great feature too! No