CSSU kernel assess

Purpose of this page and table is to evaluate the risk and thus decide about fitness for CSSU kernel, of all patches available from latest KP

2012-11-03 - [freemangordon] Initial draft 
2012-11-03 - [Joerg_rw] major restructuring to sortable true table, 
                        added coloumns .ko (means only kernel module domain) and 
                        zImg (means massive impact and risk due to edits in kernel core)  
2012-11-03 - [Pali] added info about Nokia patches and patches disabled in KP
2013-01-24 - [Pali] updated patches list to match kp52 version
2013-02-02 - [Pali] updated info about patches
2013-08-03 - [freemangordon] more patches assessed
                             add underscores around impact in an attempt to make table look better
2013-08-11 - [Pali] updated info about patches
2013-10-12 - [Pali] disabled usb host mode patches, updated colors
2013-10-23 - [Pali] added kp53 patches
2013-10-28 - [freemangordon] overclock patches enabled, powertop issue is going to be fixed soon (in powertop)
2013-10-28 - [Pali] added other kp53 patches and missing rx51-battery patch, updated info

bq drivers are disabled because are experimental and not working with bme

usb host mode patches are disabled because using bq drivers

TODO: Need to fix modules.postrm and modules.postinst scripts which chaning /sbin/preinit and /etc/modprobe.d/bridgedriver

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.ko zImg Patch _____Impact_____ Notes [please_enlarge_this_col_thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat_much] Include in CSSU

0001-mtd-fix-a-huge-latency-problem-in-the-MTD-CFI-flash-.diff This patch caused problems in kernel-power, it was disabled N

0002-mtd-change-struct-flchip_shared-spinlock-locking-int.diff This patch caused problems in kernel-power, it was disabled N

2.6.28-omap1.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y This is upstream patch which update kernel from to (last 2.6.28 version) ***NOTE*** fix Makefile and remove .10 suffix to not change the version Y
Y adding-ramzswap-driver.diff None, kernel module Y

anti-io-stalling.diff No known side effects/regressions Y
ARM_6066_1_Fix_BUG_scheduling_while_atomic_swapper_0_0x00000002.diff We need info from Luke-Jr why ans if this patch is really needed
Y armthumb.diff Could slowdown the system Needed to workaround ARM errata 430973 Y
asix-ethernet.patch adding new usb ids for new usb hw - not needed when usb host mode is disabled N
Y block2mtd-yoush.diff Y
bluetooth-fix-potential-bad-memory-access-with-sysfs-files.diff CVS fix This is an upstream fix Y
bluetooth_scheduling_while_atomic_bug_fix.diff Y
bq24150-sniff.diff This patch is for debugging only and is disabled in kernel-power N
bq2415x_charger.patch bq2415x_charger driver N
bq2415x_kconfig.patch bq2415x_charger driver N
bq2415x_rx51.patch bq2415x_charger driver N
bq27x00-fix-nac.diff bq27x00_battery driver N
bq27x00-maemo.diff bq27x00_battery driver N
bq27x00-rx51-board.diff bq27x00_battery driver N
bq27x00-sysfs-registers.diff bq27x00_battery driver N
bq27x00-upstream.diff bq27x00_battery driver N
bt-mice.diff Needed for some HID devices to work properly Y
class10sd_dto14_fix.diff Backported from upstream Needed for some uSD cards to work Y
clear_the_it_state_when_invoking_a_thumb_2_signal_handler.diff backported from upstream needed for thumb userspace binaries Y
Y dm-loop.diff device-mapper loop target Y
dm9601-ethernet.patch adding new usb ids for new usb hw - not needed when usb host mode is disabled N
dspbridge.diff *** Once the kernel is in the wild, check for DSP behavior regression reports caused by that one *** Y
enable_smartreflex.diff OC patches break powertop Y
ext4-data-corruption.diff Y
fmtx.unlock.diff Reverts Nokia locked fmtx power level This patch is obsolated by radio-si4713.diff and disabled in kernel-power N
gentoo-fsfixes.diff EXT4 fs fixes Y
gethercharge.diff Needed to enable charging when device connected over USB network Y
i2c-battery.diff  !!!THIS PATCH IS DANGEROUS!!! It is disabled in kernel-power N
iphb-matan.diff https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8715 Y
Y joikuspot.diff joikuspot kernel module Y
kexec.diff N
kstrtol.diff Needed for bq2415x_charger N
l2cap_parent.diff Fix possible kernel NULL pointer dereference in l2cap_conn_start Y
led_dbrightness.diff N
mac80211_fix_allocation_in_mesh_queue_preq.diff We allocate a PREQ queue node in mesh_queue_preq, however the allocation may cause us to sleep. Use GFP_ATOMIC to prevent this. Y
minstrel-aziwoqpa.diff Y
mmcnames-fanoush.diff Fixing mmc device order before udev is started. Fanoush bootmenu Y
musb_core_revert_20103103+0m5.diff Needed for usb host mode N
musb_suspend_and_fixes.diff Fix suspend to memory problems - computer USB port now is able to be detected and charge after resume - Patch will be in kp53, so **** TESTING IS NEEDED ****
Y musb_sysfs_hostdevice.diff Needed for usbmode.sh N
musb_sysfs_notify.diff Report usb mode to HAL, needed for automounting usb disks in usb host mode N
nilfs2-2.0.18.diff Patch contains additional filesystem module Y
nokia-20091602+0m5.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y
nokia-20093908+0m5.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y
nokia-20094102.3+0m5.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y
nokia-20094102.6+0m5.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y
nokia-20094803.3+0m5.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y
nokia-20100903+0m5.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y
nokia-20101501+0m5.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y
nokia-20103103+0m5.diff This patch is part of Nokia stock kernel Y
nokia-av_key.patch Reporting headset button press event immediately as new key KEY_PROG1 (but sometimes also when button is not presses). Driver normally report event as KEY_PHONE but after 1-2 sec delay. Existing applications should not be broken because KEY_PROG1 is not used in maemo and application needs to wait for key "prog1" HAL event. Patch will be in kp53, so **** TESTING IS NEEDED ****
ondemand-avoid.diff Y
option_disable_indicator_led.diff This patch adding suport to disable back camera led via sysfs Y
overclock.diff Y
overclock_smartreflex_900.diff Y
patch_swap_notify_core_support_2.6.28.diff Needed by ramzswap module Y
patch_swap_notify_core_support_2_2.6.28.diff Needed by ramzswap module Y
phys_to_page.diff This patch is needed by DSP driver Y
power-supply-ignore-enodata.diff Needed for bq27x00_battery N
power-supply-no-verbose.diff Needed for bq drivers N
ppp_async_matan.diff Y
Y radio-bcm2048.diff Add support for interrupt driven rds data reading
Y radio-si4713.diff This patch modify default power level to 120 and add ability to unlock power level (new version of patch fmtx.unlock.diff) Y
resume_no_time_warn.diff Disable WARN_ON in getnstimeofday when timing system suspended - Patch will be in kp53, so **** TESTING IS NEEDED ****
resume_use_rtc_clock.diff Advance system clock after resume using RTC time - Patch will be in kp53, so **** TESTING IS NEEDED ****
rx51_add_secure_ppa_api.diff Needed to workaround ARM errata 430973 Y
rx51_arm_errata_430973.diff Needed to workaround ARM errata 430973 Y
rx51_battery_board.patch Battery ADC temperature driver Y
rx51_battery_kconfig.patch Battery ADC temperature driver. Patch needs to be modfied to apply without bq patches! Y
rx51_battery.patch Battery ADC temperature driver Y
rx51_defconfig.diff Disable usb host mode drivers !!! Y
shutdown-reboot-patch.diff Fixes an issue in hostmode - device reboots instead of shutdown Note - only the part that fixes pm.c is applicable, as USB hostmode is disabled Y
Y squashfs.diff Squashed file system support Y
Support-for-tlv320aic3x-codec-highpass-filter-needed.diff This patch is incomplete and unfinfished yet, it is disabled in kernel-power N
support-non-page-aligned-buffers-in-iommu_vmap.diff Backported from upstream Allows DMA to framebuffer memory from camera (for example) Y
tif_restore_sigmask-syscalls-arm.patch Implements ppoll/pselect in kernel Needed to fix libc ppoll/pselect bug Y
Y trig-keyb.diff This allows LEDs to be used as keyboard indication leds. Code is not used, enable in future if needed. N
Y twl-scrollock.diff This allows LEDs to be used as keyboard indication leds. Code is not used, enable in future if needed. N
udf-use-hw-sector-size.diff UDF filesystem fix from upstream, needed for mounting SD card & usb disks with UDF filesystem Y
Y unionfs-2.5.3.diff unionfs support Y
update_mmu_cache_arm.diff Backported from upstream Needed by ramzswap kernel module Y
USB-fix-kernel-oops-with-g_ether-and-windows.diff Backported from upstream Fixes a bug (kernel oops)when USB networking is enabled Y
USB-g_serial-don-t-set-low_latency-flag.diff Backported from upstream g_serial: don't set low_latency flag Y
usbhostmode.diff usb host mode support N
Y usbip.diff USB IP support (EXPERIMENTAL) Y
videobuf-dma-sg-support-non-pagable-user-memory.diff Backported from upstream Allows camera preview/capture to go directly to video FB (no memcpy) Y
wl1251-monitor-mode.diff Adding support for monitor mode Y
wl12xx-rx-fix.diff This fixing IPv6 support in wifi driver, see https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=6784&group_id=1528&atid=5521 Y
wl12xx_rohar.diff Fixing wifi driver support for userspace "iw" program (new replacement for iwconfig/iwlist) Y