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This is a category detailing the hardware of the N950

Many of the pages in this category will also apply to the N9.

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(hw comments based on kernel drivers' names found in rootfs)

  • CPU
  • Audio Codec
  • Autofocus
 AD58xx A/D converter driver chip
  • Battery Charger
  • Bluetooth
  • Bus I2c
  • Charge Meter
  • Chipset
  • Flash Torch
 white LED flash driver for 1x720 mA or 2x500 mA  AS3645A
  • GPS
 using a bcm4751
  • Hacking
  • Hacking/serial dump
  • LED
 using LP5523 as N900
  • Phone
 audio via cmt-speech.ko ISS driver like in N900
 control via phonet (incl f_bus?)
  • Power Consumption
  • Power management
  • Schematic
  • Subsystems
  • Wifi BT FMT/RX
 using a wl1271 b/g/n [1] ; JoikuSpot for AP-mode
  • (NearFieldCommunication - probably in anticipation on N9)
 NXP PN544
  • LCD panel
 /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.2/i2c-2/2-004b/driver -> ../../../../../bus/i2c/drivers/atmel_mxt
 seems to suggest it's AT42QT602240/ATMXT224
  • Software BME
  • VGA camera
  • accelerometer
 lis3lv02 as in N900
  • compass
 ak8974 3axis compass chip (background article: ) driver:
  • camera sensor
  • headphone amplifier
  • light meter
  Avago APDS990X combined ALS and proximity sensor
  • USB

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