Clock replacement


[edit] Clock replacement

The "clock replacement" is a substitute for the stock/default clock in Maemo 5. It's TMO thread can be found here: A deb package is available for download (clock-ui_0.6-x, both thumb and non-thumb versions)

[edit] Why?

It was initially created by Cepiperez in order to have an opensource replacement for the stock clock, which would also bring portrait mode support. In that way it has some resemblance to the OpenMediaPlayer (OMP) project, although OMP has more extra options added.

[edit] Technical differences

The stock clock (named worldclock) is started by calling maemo-invoker/-launcher via a symlink in /usr/bin. The stock clock is a kind of shared library (like many default maemo products) and has a GTK origin. The replacement clock is a standalone executable, created in Qt. This makes the memory footprint (both executable and memory usage) bigger. The replacement clock executable replaces the worldclock link to maemo-invoker in the current install setup.

[edit] Functional differences

[edit] Unique to the stock clock

  • It uses a graphical worldmap for adding a city to the worldclock screen. The replacement clock goes directly to the "Search city" popup (this is selectable from the worldmap in the stock clock).
  • It shows small clock pictograms in the worldclock screen displaying the localtime.
  • It shows some graphical map details when selecting worldtime details.

[edit] Different approaches

  • New alarms default have the current time in the replacement clock. The stock clock comes up with the time of the previous alarm.
  • The replacement clock can add a city to the worldclock even if it is localtime
  • The replacement clock sorts the citylist by cityname (stock clock most likely by city id)
  • The replacement clock also uses it's own config file for some config items (/home/user/.config/worldclock/worldclock.conf). The default clock only uses gconf (entry /apps/clock) and most likely /home/user/.clock/wdb-user for it's selected worldclocks.

[edit] Unique to the replacement clock

  • It supports portrait mode
  • It can display seconds in the current clock time (selectable from the status menu)
  • It can disable the background image
  • It can display the current UTC in the worldclock list
  • It has the ability to set an alarm for a specific date

[edit] The config file (example)

Cities=235, 999

Cities are the id's from cities shown in the worldclock part.

SecondsAdded determines the display of seconds (configurable in worldclock itself).

Background will show or hide the background image in landscape mode. You will have to edit this file to change this.