Community Council/Community fund

This is still a proposal.


[edit] Background

Nokia has moved MeeGo to an R&D project, and is committing to only release a single device. It has transferred day-to-day control of to the community, with Nemein acting as contractors on behalf of the Community Council. provides the following services:

  • Forum (
  • Online environment (Midgard)
    • content management system
    • Planet
    • News
    • Downloads
    • Packages & QA infrastructure
    • User profiles
    • Brainstorm
  • Auto-builder
  • apt repositories
  • maemo-* mailing lists & archives
  • Email aliases (for example,
  • Bug Reports (
  • Wiki (
  • Development Support (
    • VCS (git, svn)
    • Web hosting
    • Bug tracking
    • Mailing lists & archives

[edit] Proposal

Alternative sponsorships and funding mechanisms would be sought (e.g. The Linux Foundation). However, in the event that no funding could be sourced externally, the Community would attempt to provide it.

Have a PayPal account, managed by a Council "treasurer", for use at the Council's discretion. Funds may be donated one-off, or regularly, by anyone. The general purpose of the fund will be, in order of priority and non-exhaustively:

  1. Continuing the provision of the core services.
  2. Purchasing hardware, if Nokia cannot provide it, for particular community projects.
  3. Rewarding key contributors.

[edit] Detail

  • Use PayPal's "Donations for non-profit organisations".
  • Donations could be made by anyone as one-off or regular donations. These would be non-refundable.
  • The fund would be managed by the Community Council.
  • Upon being elected, the Council would select a Treasurer for their term. This must be completed within four weeks of the election.
  • The outgoing Chair and Treasurer will transfer the fund to the incoming Chair and Treasurer. The new Chair and Treasurer will email maemo-community when this occurs, and confirm that the previous Chair & Treasurer no longer have access.
  • A majority of the Council will have to agree to the withdrawal of funds.
  • Within the first week of every calendar month, the Treasurer will email maemo-community with the state of the fund, including debits & credits.

[edit] Outstanding questions

  • Does a legally recognised committee or entity need to be establised? In what jurisdiction? Without a registered US non-profit with 501(c)(3) status, normal business rates are charged by PayPal.
  • Does PayPal support completely changing the ownership of an account? If not, could it be signed up as "" which is an email alias for the Chair & Treasurer?
  • Should the Council term be increased to 12 months? Is it orthogonal to this proposal, or encourages greater accountability?