Community Council/Council election Q2 2013/Eligible candidates

Eligibility criteria will remain the same as they have been in previous years; as much as feasible. There is, however, a modifying circumstance: * account registration and login has been broken for months, until recently. Furthermore, karma is still broken, with a significant number of members missing a significant amount of karma.

We will manually calculate karma for candidates, so the restrictions on candidates are the same as they have been. However, we think it is infeasible to manually count the karma for every user who might be eligible to vote. So unless there is a serious volunteer effort to calculate everyone's karma by hand, we will treat all accounts older than 3 months as eligible for this election only (if it comes to pass that karma is still broken by the next election cycle, it will be up to that Board/Council, and the Community then, to sort out what to do.)

If people with newer accounts think they ought to be eligible to vote (for example, you would have registered earlier but it was impossible to do so at the time because the system was broken), please contact the Council by either responding to this message or, preferably, by emailing (Please note, while we will try to process requests for eligibility inclusions as late as possible, we can only realistically guarantee that we'll manage to do it if you get it in a week before the vote for the referendum takes place - so before the 15th of this month.)

For an idea on what your previous Karma was please refer to previous elections list.