Community Council/Council election Q2 2017/Candidate declarations


[edit] Feathers McGraw (Sam Hobbs)

Hi all,

I'd like to announce my candidacy for the upcoming Maemo Community Council elections.

You may know me as Feathers McGraw - I was a bit late to the TMO party, but like many before me it was the N900 that brought me in. I quickly found the forums to be a useful source of information, and a slightly less useful but nevertheless entertaining source of off topic chat.

A couple of years ago, I bought a Jolla 1 to play with until the Neo900 arrived. Since then I've released a couple of apps for Sailfish, and have run it on a few different devices with community ports (Nexus 5, Fairphone 2).

I must confess, I am currently running Fairphone Open Source OS (Android variant without Google Play services) on the Fairphone 2. I will understand if you don't want to elect me for this treasonous act!

I'm currently employed as a Civil Engineer. What I know of programming, packaging and system administration is self taught. I find Linux really interesting, and enjoy passing on what I've learned to others (e.g. raspberry pi email server tutorials on my site). Whenever possible I make use of free software to host my own services instead of relying on third parties.

Privacy, security and self-sufficiency are what motivate me to use Linux. I appreciate TMO for being one of the places where privacy and security are valued - much rarer in the mobile/handheld landscape than on desktop PCs.

Sam (Feathers McGraw)

[edit] mosen (Timo Könnecke)

Dear community,

thanks to the nomination i kindly received from wicket and reinob i step 
forward as a candidate.

I would do my best to learn and execute community council duties so the 
time i already spend in this lovely international community could carry 
some fruits and i can give something back to thank for all the things i 
learned here in the past three years.

kind regards,
Timo Könnecke aka mosen

[edit] sicelo (Sicelo Mhlongo)


After some consideration, I have decided to accept my nomination as a
candidate for the Maemo Community Council.

Like everyone else, I also have my share of personal commitments and
other issues. However, I will be happy to give back to the community by
handling Council duties as far as my circumstances will allow.

I joined the community sometime in 2010, eventually obtaining my N900
the following year. Needless to say - this opened up a completely new
world to me. For example, I had never before experienced what being in a
community really meant. At the time I was still very new to Linux, and
can say that Maemo taught me all I know today about Linux (maybe even
computing in general).

Unfortunately I do not have much technical know-how, but with the help
of the community, I have been able to contribute by compiling a
perl-enabled irssi and obdgpslogger. I also participate in testing, 
especially cssu-devel packages. Of course, I also enjoy interacting with
the Maemo community as a whole on IRC and on by answering
questions whenever I am able.

I am looking forward to other ways to keep this great community alive.


[edit] juiceme (Jussi Ohenoja)

Hello all fellow Maemoans.

I have decided to re-run for Maemo Community Council in the ongoing
elections. As it happens I have been in the Council already 7 successive
terms, so I hope I do not need to write again such a detailed 
as before.
I hope that most of you remember me, if not, then I sure have not been
active enough :)

As a refresher, I will instead post a link to my previous announcement,
things have not changed so much as it not being an accurate CV;

   - Juice -