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I'm just starting the ball rolling here with a list of the things we'll need to do/think about in replacing the in-built Calendar app.

The reason we need to replace it, other than the fact that it is rather deficient in many ways, is that the UI is closed. The backend is open though, so that gives us the opportunity to avoid breaking other applications which use the same data, etc.


[edit] Coding and Architecture

To be worth doing, this application should have clear abstraction between the UI and the backend. This means it would then be possible to use the same UI on e.g. Meego with a different backend, as well as on Maemo CSSU.

To be future proof, I think that it should also be written in Qt.

[edit] Existing Bugs in closed source Calendar app that should be fixed

Add link to appropriate bugzilla page

Also list bugs with explanation here.

[edit] Required Features

These are features which are already present and which would be expected for this application to be able to replace the closed source version

[edit] Would be nice to have features

These are more pie in the sky features, which don't need to be present immediately