Cordia is an open, community-led, project to bring Maemo's UI (Hildon Desktop and related components) to the Linux-based distributions other than Maemo.


[edit] Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a usable and touch-friendly user interface for tablet devices and phones based on the proven Hildon UI. Our target audience is the people who prefer the Maemo UI, and wish to have a better user experience than other current UXes provide. We wish to achieve our goal by the following:

  • As necessary, work with GTK+ developers and push required changes upstream
  • Merge unofficial Hildon Desktop fixes and improvements scattered around the Maemo community and elsewhere
  • Move from GNOME-VFS to GIO
  • Allow seamless Qt applications and widgets integration

or, to put it another way:

  • As much of the Maemo UI as we can get outside of Maemo.

[edit] Installation

A script to facilitate installation instructions can be found here:

[edit] Communication

Discuss at #cordia on FreeNode IRC (

If you wish to contribute to the project, read our mission statement above and see our roadmap ( for the things we need to get done.

We have a mailing list. To subscribe, send an e-mail to the address.

[edit] Mer

Cordia has been re-based from MeeGo to [Mer]

The first Mer-based alpha release of Cordia for x86 is available at This is a bootable ISO. Just burn it on CD or put it on the pen-drive and boot it. It gives you options to run LiveCD system, or install to HDD.