Deb packaging for noobs

Create correct .deb package for N9 on your linux PC (and you can use it for OBS)

Read some info:

1. Download Harmattan Platform SDK installer (direct link)

2. Install it (scratchbox) on your Linux PC. To provide executable permission to the script, enter the following command:

$ chmod +x

3. To run the script with root permission, enter the following command:

$ sudo ./ admininstall

  • Installation process can take a few hours…

4. When Scratchbox installed, REBOOT your PC and go to:


5. Create here a folder for your package, for example my: n9-qtweakall Open this folder.



Download this package: and extract it (debian folder) to your package folder:


6. Go to: /scratchbox/users/schturman/home/schturman/n9-qtweakall/debian/data

and delete file named: copy_folders_here_and_delete_this_file

7. Copy your folders here, for example /opt/your_app_name etc…

8. Go back to /debian folder. You can see a few files that you need to edit before each packaging. Just open them with editor and edit like your need…

9. Open terminal and write: scratchbox , then press enter

10. You will see this message:

Welcome to Scratchbox, the cross-compilation toolkit!

Use 'sb-menu' to change your compilation target.

See /scratchbox/doc/ for documentation.

[sbox-HARMATTAN_X86: ~] >

11. To change the target architecture to ARMEL, enter the following command:


And now you will see: [sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~] >

12. Now you can package your application:

  • Go to your package folder:

cd /home/schturman/n9-qtweakall

and you will see:

[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~/n9-qtweakall] >

  • For packaging write:


13. When packaging is finished you again will see this line:

[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: ~/n9-qtweakall] >

14. For EXIT from scratchbox, just write: exit , then press enter.

15. You will find the packaged files in:


16. You will see 4 files:

  • .deb , .changes , .tar.gz , .dsc

17. The 3 last files you can use on OBS (

I used Ubuntu like second OS on my old netbook (Acer Aspire ONE). Sorry for my bad English :)

Big thanks to CODeRUS for files and help!