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[edit] Desktop Search Hackfest Entry

[edit] Xesam Ontology Workshop

This page collects all relevant info for the Xesam Ontology BOF and workshop to be held on the Desktop Search Hackfest 2008.

[edit] Ontology Program

Ideally the ontology workshop should consist of three things, preferably held in succession:

  • A (very) short architectural intro by Evgeny. Why does it look the way it look? What is good what is bad. What needs work?
  • A BOF for discussing any relevant issues surrounding the onto. Especially concerning points we need to address before closing it for 1.0
    • Preferably Evgeny would lead this
  • A hack-session with the single purpose of 100% doc coverage of the ontology. Proper documentation mind you. "File-like object" for xesam:Filelike is simply not good enough.
    • I imagine a session with a handful people and Evgeny sitting without a computer at the table end. The minions just hack away and constantly bombard Evgeny-the-oracle with questions.