Documentation wishlist

This page is for collecting desired documentation into a most wanted list. If you feel documentation is missing for something, please add it here and include a rough list of ideas on what that document should contain.


[edit] Common tasks and use-cases

Suggestions for APIs or common tasks which need to be documented with code samples, prerequisites, set-up & tear-down. Half way between tutorials and API docs.

Wish-list here - and link to docs when they're created in Documentation#Tasks_and_use-cases.

[edit] General software development

  • How to use the GStreamer *dspsinks

[edit] Audio support

  • How can I play a sound from withing an application?
  • How can I record audio from the microphone?
  • How can I play a backing track without affecting performance, power usage or blocking I/O?

[edit] Debugging aid

  • How to single-step an application on the device?
  • How to debug an application in Scratchbox?
  • How to profile a Maemo application on the device?

[edit] Style guidelines

When explaining source code and/or techniques experience has shown that specifying the OS version and hardware can be very useful for users. Something like: "This procedure has been tested on a Nokia 770 with ITOS 3.2006.49-2" saves users time and energy.

Suggestion: Use tagging & categories to tag documentation as verified with an OS release. --Dave Neary 16:49, 2 March 2010 (UTC)