Documentation/Maemo 5 Final SDK/Discover Maemo 5 SDK


[edit] Panorama Desktop

  • Four virtual desktops or home screens
  • Personalize each of the desktops to your content
  • Slide through them with the click and drag gesture of the mouse

[edit] Multi Tasking

  • No longer view one application at a time.
  • Active thumbnail view of all open applications.
  • A button click to switch between open applications.

[edit] Home Widgets

[edit] Web Browser

  • Full screen, 800X480 resolution
  • Advanced interactive mode
  • Recent browser history as thumbnails
  • Mozilla browser engine
  • Browser interface API (Debian Package:tablet-browser-interface)

[edit] Email

[edit] Contacts

[edit] Calendar

[edit] Clock

[edit] Photos

[edit] Application Manager

[edit] Media Player

[edit] File Manager

  • Manage files and folders
  • File Management APIs (LINK)
  • Example code

[edit] Virtual Keyboard

  • Ability to use virtual finger keyboard instead of hardware keys.
  • Example code

[edit] Xterm

  • Console terminal