Documentation/Maemo Documentation Guidelines/Introduction

Maemo Documentation Guidelines is meant for Maemo documentation purposes only. This guide presents the general guidelines to be followed when writing and editing technical documentation for all Maemo platform and Maemo device releases, figure 1.1.

Photo of N900 with extended hardware keyboard
Figure 1.1: Maemo device - N900

Maemo Documentation Guidelines provides editorial guidelines for content published by Maemo electronically or in print, including white papers, case studies and success stories, tutorials, technical documentation, news stories, Web pages, Web teasers and blurbs, and marketing material such as developer catalogues and brochures.

The following resources supplement this document:

In cases where guidelines in two or more resources conflict, the ones in Maemo Documentation Guidelines document take precedence, followed by the documents above in the order listed with the exception of spelling concerns. To resolve spelling concerns for words or terms, first consult the Collins English Dictionary.

Certain points made in the reference materials above are repeated in this document for emphasis. With newly created content, follow the guidelines. When working on older, existing content, incorporate as many of the guidelines as possible, while maintaining consistency within each document or other unit of content.

Also note that The Elements of Style [4] provides excellent general guidance on language usage, composition, and style, and that The Associated Press Stylebook [5] is useful for issues of journalistic type, such as geographic references, that may come up in newsletters and the like.

Using this document by searching through it electronically is highly recommended. This guide largely follows the editorial style it recommends and can therefore in general be used as a style model. The comment do not use means precisely that; avoid means do not use except when nothing else will do.

Feedback about this guide is always welcome. In addition, before each version of the guide is distributed generally, a draft is sent out for review. Feedback or style queries should be directed to Updated versions of this guide are released periodically.

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