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Application Binary Interface, providing object code level compatibility.
Application Programming Interface, providing source code level compatibility.
A small application that integrates to Hildon Desktop.
A name that e.g. Debian uses for the little endian ARM EABI (ABI for the ARM architecture).
The part of Maemo SDK that contains software development tools. Maemo SDK contains multiple devkits, e.g. doctools devkit.
Application framework used in the Maemo platform. Developed by Nokia and based on GNOME/GTK+ technologies, currently in the process of becoming an upstream project in
Hildon Desktop
The main user interface component of Maemo Chinook, rewrite of Maemo desktop.
Internet Tablet
Product category for Internet-optimized mobile devices with touchscreen. The term was coined by Nokia, but is nowadays used more widely to include other devices.
Software platform for mobile devices developed by Nokia, based on GNU/Linux and GNOME/GTK+ technologies. It includes proprietary components to make it work on the Nokia Maemo compatible device.
Developer community web site maintained by Nokia, main point of reference for open source and third-party developers in general.
Maemo Software Development Kit
(Maemo SDK) to create and port applications to the Maemo platform using a PC.
Open Source Software Operations, Nokia organization developing and integrating software for Maemo compatible device.
Part of the SDK that contains selected software components from rootfs. Rootstrap is the root file system of a target inside Scratchbox.
Part of the SDK that contains ARM cross compilation tools, such as compiler and linker.

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