Documentation/Maemo PC Connectivity Tutorial/Configuring Backup

You can use the Maemo Backup tool on a Maemo device to back up the Maemo PC Connectivity configuration. The connection environments and the configuration of connections and tools are backed up. Following the steps below, you can upgrade the Maemo device platform version (reflash the Maemo device) and restore all Maemo PC Connectivity configuration after upgrade.

  • Open the backup tool at Settings - Backup/Restore menu options.
  • Create a backup configuration selecting at least the Settings option. If, besides the configuration, you want the software list to be in the backup, you can also select the Applications option.

Your backup can now be created. This backup can be updated anytime you want. After you have upgraded the Maemo device or reflashed it, you should simply go to the backup tool again, choose the Settings - Backup/Restore menu option and restore the backup that was created before the upgrade.

Restoring the backup may require a reboot for your Maemo device. After that, all your Maemo PC Connectivity configuration should have been restored.

File:Dialog-information.png Note: Backup is stored on the memory card of your Maemo device. If you plan to flash also your memory card with an eMMC image (possible only with Maemo Fremantle devices) you need to copy backup files from the memory card to the host PC before flashing the eMMC image and back to memory card after eMMC flashing in order to restore the backup.