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[edit] Description

iputils is a small collection of TCP/IP related utilities.

  • ping: is already provided on the device by BusyBox and it's a tool

to monitor and test network functionality.

  • arping: sends ARP requests to a host.
  • tracepath: trace a path to a host discovering MTU along the

way. This is similar to [traceroute], but does not require superuser rights or offer fancy options.

[edit] Packages

source: iputils

binary: iputils-ping, iputils-arping, iputils-tracepath

[edit] Usage Examples

To test if a host is in the network and responding to ping:

# ping

Send four ARP requests to host:

# arping -c 4

Discover the path to

# tracepath

[edit] Links

[arping man page](/development/documentation/man_pages/arping.html)

[tracepath man page](/development/documentation/man_pages/tracepath.html)

[edit] See Also

netcat, tcpdump, traceroute