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[edit] Description

maemo-debug-scripts is a convenience package for maemo developers needing to debug their programs. The package will:

  • Post-install a symlink required by Gdb/Valgrind/Oprofile to find the debug symbol files in Scratchbox. The files are installed in /usr/lib/debug/<library path>, but in Scratchbox the library realpaths are /targets/<target name>/<library path>.
  • Depend from libc6-dbg. Without libc6-dbg threads cannot be debugged with Gdb and Valgrind reports redundant errors for the dynamic loader (its error suppressions for /lib/ld functions can match them only with the debug symbol file as stripped binary doesn't contain static function names)
  • Depend from target native Gdb. The Scratchbox host version of Gdb (cross-gdb) doesn't know how to load the correct thread library (even on x86) and it cannot debug ARM core-dumps. Native one can.
  • Install a few helper scripts:
runs the target native Gdb (by default Scratchbox runs the host binary if it exists, this script overrides that)
installs debug symbols for given binaries and their dependencies listed by "ldd"
checks the correctness of a debug package for a given package
lists all packages containing libs and binaries that given process uses. It can be used to find out the libraries mmap()ed through dlopen that "ldd" (used by debug-deb-install script) doesn't find
helper script for running a binary with Valgrind memcheck plugin (memory access errors, leaks etc) so that all suitable options are set for it
helper script for running a binary with Valgrind callgrind plugin (performance profiling) so that all suitable options are set for it
helper script for running a binary with Valgrind massif plugin (memory usage visualization) so that all suitable options are set for it
helper script for running a binary with Valgrind helgrind plugin (race condition detector for threaded programs) so that all suitable options are set
helper script for running a binary with strace. Like above helper scripts, handles maemo-launched binaries automatically

[edit] Packages

source: maemo-debug-scripts

binary: maemo-debug-scripts

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[edit] Links

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[edit] See Also

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