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[edit] Description

Screen is a tool to manage multiple terminal sessions. It offers a very handy way to run multiple interactive shells when the screen space is limited.

The manual page is well written and provides comprehensive documentation.

[edit] Packages

source: screen

binary: screen

[edit] Usage Examples

[edit] Resume session

# screen

To exit from screen, exit from all the shells that you had started in it, or you can also suspend it to background by issuing C-a d (control-a d).

You can later return to the suspended session by starting screen like this:

# screen -dr

[edit] Share a session

user1:# screen
user2:# ssh user1@host
user2:# screen -x

The first user hosts a screen session and the second user can connect to the non-disconnected "multi-display" session using the -x parameter. Text input is shared additionally.

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