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[edit] Description

sp-smaps-visualize provides utilities primarily for the host/Scratchbox environment to analyze smaps data captured by sp-smaps-measure.

  • sp_smaps_analyze: Reads raw (.cap) or normalized (.csv) sp_smaps_snapshot capture data and produces detailed view to system / process / object memory usage in html format.
  • sp_smaps_appvals: Reads raw (.cap) or normalized (.csv) sp_smaps_snapshot capture data and produces a summary table for memory usage of all applications in the capture file.
  • sp_smaps_diff: Displays differences in application memory usage between smaps capture files.
  • sp_smaps_filter: Process captured smaps files in different ways.
  • sp_smaps_flatten: Reads raw capture files generated with sp_smaps_snapshot and tries to detect and remove duplicate entries due to multiple threads.
  • sp_smaps_normalize: Reads smaps snapshots and writes CSV format data that can be imported to spreadsheet programs or sp_smaps_analyze and friends.

[edit] Packages

source: sp-smaps

binary: sp-smaps-visualize

[edit] Usage Examples

Refer to each utility's man page for usage examples.

[edit] Links

[sp_smaps_analyze man page](/development/documentation/man_pages/sp_smaps_analyze.html)

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