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[edit] Description

A set of basic X window system debugging tools:

  • xev: monitor X events to a window
  • xlsatoms: list interned atoms defined on server
  • xlsclients: list client applications running on a display
  • xprop: list properties of the given window
  • xwininfo: show information about a given window

[edit] Packages

source: x11-utils

binary: x11-utils

[edit] Usage Examples

List all windows on screen:

# xwininfo -tree -root

What application owns the window/dialog/popup covering the screen:

# xprop | grep WM_NAME (and click the window)

Is my window receiving the events it should:

# xwininfo | grep id: (click the window)
# xev -id 0xWINDOW_ID

[edit] Links

[xev man page](/development/documentation/man_pages/xev.html)

[xprop man page](/development/documentation/man_pages/xprop.html)

[xlsatoms man page](/development/documentation/man_pages/xlsatoms.html)

[xlsclients man page](/development/documentation/man_pages/xlsclients.html)

[xwininfo man page](/development/documentation/man_pages/xwininfo.html)

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