Easy Debian Wheezy Multimedia


[edit] Development

[edit] Preamble

This image starts from rcolistete's "wheezy" Scientific image (thanks!) and aims to be a bells-and-whistles image (warning: possible bloatware) with lots of new multimedia software thrown in. In particular, this includes MP3 tagging and renaming software, audio file format converters, normaliser, audio editor and a variety of MP3 players and organisers.

[edit] Key aims

  • Advanced MP3 functionality to complement the use of the N900 as a mobile music player, including MP3 taggers, validators, renamers, normalisers, file format converters etc.
  • Maintain the expected core functionality of Easy Debian, i.e. LibreOffice, GIMP, etc.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Package selection

Packages are largely selected from Debian "wheezy", except where dependencies on a newer version of PulseAudio would prohibit this. Therefore, the image is an injudicious mixture of oldstable, stable and testing. Packages are selected on a best effort basis to avoid unmet dependencies.

[edit] Disk image

The disk image has been enlarged to 4GB in size (well, 4GB minus one byte), which is the largest file that will fit on a FAT32 filesystem, and converted (well, copied over) to an ext4 filesystem. The use of ext4 means that you will require a relatively recent kernel-power & CSSU to mount and use the image, but it does offer slight performance advantages over ext3.

[edit] Software included

[edit] Internet

  • Chromium web browser (from Squeeze)
  • Iceweasel web browser (10.0.6)
  • Icedove e-mail client (10.0.6)

[edit] Office

  • AbiWord
  • LibreOffice

[edit] Audio / Video

  • XMMS2
    • gXMMS2
    • Abraca
    • GJay 0.3.2
  • QASTools
    • QASMixer
    • QASConfig
  • SoundConverter
  • EasyMP3Gain-GTK 0.5.1
    • mp3gain
    • vorbisgain
    • aacgain
  • Musicbrainz Picard 1.0
  • MP3 Diags 1.0.11
  • Audacity 1.3.12 (from stable) - the version from "testing" depends on a newer version of libportaudio2, but ours is held back for pulseaudio compatibility.

[edit] Packages not working as expected

  • GJay - installs and runs OK, but scanning silently fails (visible in debug mode) complaining that (all of 4000+) MP3s aren't valid.

[edit] Still needing work

Packages in this section have been installed successfully, but require some scripting work in order to be any use.

[edit] LAMP environment

[edit] MythTV 0.24 (from stable)

The version from "testing" depends on a newer verson of libpulse0