Eclipse integration/Known issues


[edit] Known Issues for Maemo Eclipse Integration Edition 2 Final release (R2.0.0)

More detailed known issues lists can be found from Garage projects for each product

Detailed list of new features implemented to Maemo Eclipse Integration since previous PreFinal release together with feature plan for final release is here: Eclipse integration.

Release Notes are available.

[edit] Product baselines

  • N900 device with Maemo Fremantle 5.x platform releases
  • Fremantle 5.0 SDK, the latest final release
  • N8x0 devices with Maemo Diablo 4.1.x platform releases
  • Diablo 4.1.2 SDK, the latest maintenance release

[edit] Product configuration

  • Maemo SDK ARMEL rootstrap is meant to be used only for cross-compiling and it does not support running or debugging applications
  • Diablo 4.1.2 device requires kernel patch from here to be flashed to the Tablet for USB Networking to work with Windows host PC
  • Diablo 4.1.2 device requires hildon-desktop patch to be installed to the Maemo device from pc-connectivity Garage repository (see instructions from here for VNC client to work on host PC

[edit] Maemo Mica plugin framework for Eclipse

  • none (so far :)

[edit] Maemo ESbox for Eclipse

  • Hover help for Python does not work on ESBox because documentation has not been integrated.
  • Installing Nokia binaries may sometimes fail with exit code 100 when Maemo SDK gets installed.
    • workaround is to restart the Maemo SDK binary installation until it goes through without errors.
  • If during Maemo SDK installation to other than Debian based Linux operating systems the default options for Maemo SDK Virtual image installation wizard are chosen and Nokia binaries installation fails, wizard proceeds normally to end (installing Development Environments for C/C++, Python and Qt). If you choose to cancel the installation because failed Nokia binaries Development Environments are not installed properly to the Maemo SDK and Maemo device.
    • workaround is to select Project -> Validate Installed Packages from Eclipse IDE which verifies the integrity of installed development environments and re-installs missing packages for C/C++, Python and Qt to the Maemo SDK and Maemo device.
  • Maemo Diablo SDK has ARMEL debugging problems when using Ubuntu Karmic host PC. If Maemo Diablo SDK is installed to Ubuntu Karmic environment native-gdb script will not work but gives segment fault which prevents debugging operations on Maemo SDK ARMEL rootstrap.

[edit] Maemo PluThon for Eclipse

  • Hover help for Python for Maemo API documents does not work on Pluthon because documentation is not integrated

[edit] Maemo PC Connectivity

  • Maemo PC Connectivity functionality with N900 device and Fremantle is more limited than with N800/N810 device with Diablo
    • N900 will not support USB host mode
      • no workaround (N900 HW issue)
    • N900 will not support IP Forwarding (iptable NAT kernel modules)
      • workaround is to rebuild Fremantle kernel with NAT enabled and hack kernel symbols for NAT kernel modules
    • N900 will not support BlueTooth connections simultaneously with WLAN connections
      • no known workaround
    • N900 will not support "USB Networking" with platform default USB applet but only "PC Suite" and "Mass Storage" mode (applet provided by PC Connectivity supports also USB Networking)
      • workaround is to use ONLY configuration applet provided by PC Connectivity instead of default applet
      • Notice that USB mode changes are possible only if USB cable is plugged-out and plugged-in between mode changes with both applets
      • Notice that if both applets (platform default USB applet and PC Connectivity applet) are used for mode changes device may fail to change mode after first change
    • Samba does not work with Fremantle platform and N900 causing disk mounts between N900 and Windows host PC to fail
      • workaround is to use only SSHFS mounts with Cygwin
    • Fremantle platform and SDK support ONLY 16-bit color depth for X Server
      • workaround is to configure host PC X Server (in Windows and Mac OS X) to use 16-bit depth instead of default one (if default does not happen to be 16-bit)
    • Fremantle SDK does not support CPU Transparency
      • workaround is to build and install new SBRSH client manually inside Scratchbox
  • Configuring connectivity to work between Maemo device and host PC after installation is still partly manual work on host PC side for all supported operating systems
  • When creating a project and setting SBRSH as download method errors like "sbrsh server: fuse: bad mount point" and "sbrsh server: Can't mount to point:" may happen when SBRSH is used first time with Maemo device (for example after device flashing when SSH keys need to be reset).
    • workaround is to restart Maemo device.
  • WLAN connection may get broken if WLAN and USB Networking are used simultaneously. Connection problems may occur after some time (can take hours or days) when device is (re)started and WLAN tries to connect.
    • when the problem occurs user gets "Internet connection failed. Unable to retrieve IP address from server" error
    • workaround is to re-flash Maemo device or manually assign IP number to the connection (which may cause problems with DHCP)
  • Windows 7 (and Vista) support is only beta level because Cygwin 1.7 (first Cygwin release to support Windows 7 and Vista) is on beta level (Windows XP with Cygwin 1.5 is fully supported)
    • Cygwin 1.7 beta installation may require manual configuration for Maemo
    • Cygwin 1.7 beta X11 may crash when Maemo applications are run with it
    • Host PC Connectivity does not install if Vista or Windows 7 machine is part of Windows Domain because it fails to create new user for Cygwin 1.7 SSHD service
      • workaround (but not recommended) is to try manual installation and configuration of Cygwin 1.5 also for Windows 7 (and Vista). Notice that Cygwin project does not support Windows 7 or Vista with Cygwin 1.5 version.
  • SSHFS may not be usable for "normal" user account. This is because /dev/fuse is not writable by default for "normal" users. /dev/fuse is usually writable only for group "fuse"
    • workaround is to add user account used to "fuse" group

[edit] Maemo SDK Virtual Images

  • By default NetworkManager is being started after Scratchbox, so the resolv.conf file used by Scratchbox may be invalid which causes network problems
    • workaround is to update resolv.conf file for Scratchbox manually after Maemo SDK installation and/or after network changes
  • VMWare Player version 3.0 may have problems to keep ssh connection live in NAT mode (notice that VMWare Player 2.5 or Bridged mode works fine)
    • workround is to use VMWare Player version 2.5.x or use only Bridged network mode for Maemo SDK Virtual Image
  • Changing network configuration after installation of VMWare, VirtualBox or QEMU and Maemo SDK Virtual Image may require reconfiguration of network also for the virtualisation environment and Maemo SDK.
    • workaround is to manually reconfigure network changes to the Virtualisation Environment and Maemo SDK. Log in to the Maemo SDK Virtual Image and invoke DHCP client with "sudo dhclient" to see network configuration or reconfigure network interfaces after network changes

[edit] Maemo Flasher-3.5 Tool

  • none (so far)

[edit] Integration testing

  • Some publicly available test suites (for Eclipse components and NFS mounts, for example) are run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X during integration testing but frameworks and test sets are not yet ready to be published
  • Test results (for unit tests and integration tests) for official releases are not yet ready to be published together with products

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