Eclipse integration/Known issues beta2


[edit] Known Issues for Maemo Eclipse Integration Edition 2 Beta 1 release

More detailed known issues lists can be found from Garage projects for each product

[edit] Product baselines

  • Fremantle SDK is supported as separate installation e.g. not delivered as default environment with Desktop image, for example.
  • Fremantle devices are not officially supported as devices do not exist yet but first unofficial Fremantle packages are available from Fremantle extras-devel repository
  • Ubuntu Desktop based Maemo SDK Virtual Image (out-of-the-box ready development environment) will not be created for the Beta 2 release but users of old Beta 1 Desktop image are able to upgrade environment to Beta 2 level with these instructions:

Notice that updating process from Eclipse Update Site (update from beta 1 to beta 2) may not work for some plug-ins

[edit] Product configuration

[edit] Maemo Mica plugin framework for Eclipse

  • While debugging Python application automatic termination of debugged program does not work when debugging session ends
  • Automatic installation of OProfiling support to the Maemo device may cause Eclipse to crash if Eclipse cannot find OProfile packages from configured repositories. Add repository
    deb diablo/tools free
    to the Maemo device and run "sudo apt-get update" manually as workaround.

[edit] Maemo ESBox plugin for Eclipse

  • Some of the templates and examples provided by ESBox are not yet ported to Fremantle

[edit] Maemo Pluthon plugin for Eclipse

  • none

[edit] Maemo PC Connectivity

  • Mac OS X support is still initial for Beta 2 release on functionality and quality point of view. Especially testing on Mac environment has been somewhat limited.
  • Configuring connectivity to work between Maemo device and host PC after installation is still partly manual work on host PC side for all supported operating systems
  • When creating a project and setting sbrsh as download method quite often errors like "sbrsh server: fuse: bad mount point " and "sbrsh server: Can't mount to point:" happens. As a workaround you need to restart sbrshd (on Maemo device side) and restart Esbox (on host PC side)

[edit] Maemo SDK Virtual Image

  • NetworkManager is being started after Scratchbox, so the resolv.conf file used by Scratchbox may be invalid which causes network problems

[edit] Maemo Flasher-3.5 Tool

  • Flasher-3.5 beta tool may have problems in some Windows host PC configurations to flash eMMC images properly. Workaround is to retry with another USB port in host PC or use Linux/Mac for eMMC flashing

[edit] Integration testing

  • Some publically available test suites (for Eclipse components and NFS mounts, for example) are run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X during integration testing but frameworks and test sets are not yet ready to be published
  • Test results (for unit tests and integration tests) for official releases are not yet ready to be published together with products

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