There have been several emulators or virtual machines ported to Maemo tablets that can run alternative operating systems. The best known operating system emulators are the Garnet VM (Palm OS), Basilisk II (Macintosh OS up to 8.1) and DOSBox/RubyBox (MS-DOS and Windows 3.1). Emulation often introduces a large amount of overhead, so emulators tend to be limited to older operating systems that were designed to run on old, limited hardware. For example, there are calculator emulators, such as AlmostTI and x48.

Others include fMSX (emulating the 8 bit MSX homecomputer), Mastergear (SEGA 8 bit console), Bochs (IA-32 PC), ColEm (ColecoVision), CPCm (CPS2), Hercules (Hercules system/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture) and Speccy (ZX Spectrum).

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