Enterprise Provisioning Summary

We have now gone through the provisioning, it's server requirements and provisioning methods. Now it is time to start choosing the provisioning method that best suites the enterprise environment.


[edit] Required steps

[edit] Step 1: Decide the provisioning strategy.

Provisioning strategies are not exclusive, you can have several at the same time. For example, it is possible to start from simplest strategy and then implement other strategies as needed.

  1. Simple and direct
  2. SMS based
  3. Offline installation
  4. Pincode based bootstrapping
  5. Installation server at Internet

[edit] Step 2: Deploy the server infra structure

A server infrastructure is needed for enterprise provisioning. The infrastructure needed may depend on the selected provisioning strategy.

Review the guidance about server infrastructure and requirements.

[edit] Step 3: Create the customized server side software

Enterprise networks and backbone information systems are all different. Software eligible to be used in every enterprise would have to be massively configurable. For the time being, no such software exists.

Luckily, needed software is fairly simple and straightforward to write in-house. At simplest form, one CGI script is enough.

Which kind of software is required depends on the selected provisioning strategy.

Review tried and tested provisioning strategies and provisioning strategy variations for guidance on writing software for the selected strategy.

[edit] Step 4: Create customized packages for the device

Large part of the enterprise configuration is executed by installing customized software packages.

From here we continue with guidance for creating the required packages.