[edit] FileBox

FileBox is file manager for Fremantle. Long discussion here: and here

[edit] Manual


[edit] List of tasks

Known bugs and feature requests.

[edit] Bugs

  • missing manual/website
  • copying files or folders with FileBox, it ignores to copy symlinks / symlinked filed and folders.
  • extension "ZIP" is not working, must be renamed to "zip" (is this affecting other extensios too?)
  • Large file (3.5 GB) from a usb disk on key to micro SD card -> "not enough space to proceed"
  • Compatibility with accented characters (when this happens?)
  • E.g. file#.mp3 mplayer is started, but error can't find "file%23.mp3" can be uncompessed

  • start up page if we choose to show "Devices":

-If the FileBox run with root access, it shows "Devices" with "Nokia N900" and "Memory card". -If the FileBox run with normal access, it doesn't show names of "Devices".

  • when you delete big amount of files at once erase indicator goes out of the screen to the right (when percentage bar is filling up, after deletion it goes back to normal)
  • it does not keep settings after update
  • Fileinfo contains one dot too much (at least when locale is Finnish)

It looks: 22.5..2013

  • postinst and prerm magic could be dangerous (could be omitted by code changing)

[edit] Usability

  • Long pressing a file or folder for the menu options is working very hard, sometimes it's not working at all.
  • use the right arrow to open highlighted folder and left arrow to go one folder up
  • pressing enter will open directory
  • auto closing the confirmation boxes after copying a file has finished rather than having to press close
  • (consistency) Some buttons on the right opens new layer on the window stack (there are that back-button), some opens dialogs. New stacked window-layers can't be fullscreen, so maybe everything could be dialogs.
  • select all files in the clipboard
  • a faster pop-up menu
  • remove the settings icon from the right side toolbar and create a settings option in the tools menu.
  • Maybe tools would come better in such an menu too.
  • I think it would be easier to use it if multiselection was only possible by clicking in the checkbox beside the element, instead of in any place of the element as it's implemented right now. This way, you could have multiselection always enabled, at the minimum cost of loosing a few space for the checkbox, while still being able to navigate with one click.

[edit] Translations

  • "change icon" missing in Finnish
  • The help screen is only English

[edit] Feature requests and missing functionalities

  • add an "open with option for files"
  • integrate browsing s/ftp mounts. scp or sftp support (Something like fish:/ in konqueror or dolphin file manager (in kde))
  • option to display file / dir complete name size, date and attributes.
  • Allow to change file permissions from FileBox
  • the possibility to create password protected compressed files
  • when deleting multiple files / dirs the confirmation dialog should show the number of files ready for deletion.
  • Allow multitasking when working with files, etc. Copy can say 20 files and allow the work to be in the background. This would continue using the FileBox for other jobs.
  • option to change font color
  • add a "remember last folder" preference
  • to have a Back/Forward button that moves between folder browsing history.
  • see files from bluetooth FTP server
  • show width and height of images
  • show memory usage of partitions
  • file size could be put into details sub-window (and not small letters below the file)
  • to show the original directory of symlinked item
  • add support for current icon theme.
  • option of folder tree in sidepane to Filebox
  • A file/folder details menu
  • configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • Searching capability for Filebox
  • The power to explore the DLNA server such as native file browser would be fine.
  • tabs for directories
  • 7z support
  • option to edit file associations
  • "Share to service" functionality
  • multiple instances