Fremantle closed packages/Applet-datetime

Closed source package applet-datetime

default installed version

apt-cache policy applet-datetime
 Installed: 0.5.16-1+0m5

Only mp-fremantle-generic-pr depends on it.

It provides files:


This is application (applet) for changing time with GUI.

There are two possible way to start it:

ControlPanel -> "Date and time"
Clock -> Tap the time

It has settings for

12h/24h clock
Update automatically

'Timezone'-button starts Timezonechooser from closed source package libhildon-time-zone-chooser0-0

What is started when date/time is clicked?

  • The applet uses standard date-chooser/time-chooser buttons/dialogs from libhildon

If removed:

*It is not critical, but handy tool
*Missing feature to easily change these settings.
  commandline /usr/sbin/tzconfig can change timezone