Fremantle closed packages/Maemo-installer-utils

Fremantle PR-1.3.

Closed source package maemo-installer-utils. And closed packages amazon-installer ap-installer (AP News) dtg-installer (Documents To Go) facebook-installer foreca-installer

default installed version:

maemo-installer-utils:  Installed: 1.0-2+0m5
amazon-installer: Installed:
ap-installer:  Installed:
dtg-installer:  Installed: 1.0-4.2+0m5
facebook-installer:  Installed: 1.0-4.1.1+0m5
foreca-installer:  Installed:

maemo-installer-utils is helper, which contains one binary file:


XXX-installer contains files:


And then clicking menu-item will execute (e.g.)

/usr/bin/maemoinstaller amazoninstaller Amazon /usr/share/maemo-installer-utils/amazon.install

Which might add new repository and tries to install some package.

No other packages are depending on them.

Side note: uninstalling maemo-installer-utils, doesn't uninstall other packages, but renders them broken use:

apt-get remove maemo-installer-utils amazon-installer ap-installer dtg-installer  facebook-installer foreca-installer 

If removed

  • Menu-shortcuts for installing amazon, ap, dtg, facebook, foreca are removed