Fremantle closed packages/camera-firmware


camera-firmware is under GPL2. Source package is not in repositories, and "Reinstallation of camera-firmware is not possible, it cannot be downloaded."

Default installed version:

0.0.25+0m5 0

Provides files (with m5dsums)

5934f036ea96f44a11350f2c1af6c9a9  /lib/firmware/et8ek8-0002.bin
f7a551eeb634688b3e944287f1b004c1  /lib/firmware/mt9p012-2802-10.bin
417018dc47d07335ff1ddb2ca785cf32  /lib/firmware/smia-sensor-01-022b-00.bin
417018dc47d07335ff1ddb2ca785cf32  /lib/firmware/smia-sensor-01-022b-04.bin
ed4ae45b7220700d14f5646343e1705b  /lib/firmware/smia-sensor-0c-208a-03.bin

Nothing depends on this package.

Sources (and precompiled bins) can be found on: Currently newest is version-0.26, and it is not working (if just dropped to the device). Changelogs for 0.26 is: "* Recompile everything due to changes in smiaregs structure. "

Version 0.26 gives boottime error to the dmesg:

[  705.277618] et8ek8 3-003e: Invalid value on entry 0 0x0
[  705.277648] et8ek8 3-003e: invalid register list et8ek8-0002.bin, no POWERON mode found

On git version-0.25 is:

git checkout 31e2932b9b28e4f1d44b245148af103053db10de

and there are very same bin files than on device as default (same hashsums)

If removed

*Not critical (device will still start)
*No camera. ("operation failed")