Fremantle closed packages/policy-settings-rx51

Fremantle PR-1.3

Closed source package policy-settings-rx51

Description: Policy RX51 configuration.

Version installed as default:

Packages depending on it

alsa-policy-enforcement (this needs 'policy-settings')

Contains files:


If removed

*Will uninstall package alsa-policy-enforcement

Only two files are binary:


First SWI prolog state file which contains policy rules, second compiled DRES rule file.

SWI prolog state files can be decompiled with shell scripts: plc-decompile plc-predicates (needs same version of SWI prolog interpreter as written in plc header)

File policy.plc was decompiled without problems back to prolog source files. CSSU now has modified version of policy.plc which enable headset jack button immediately when headset is connected. Original code enabled button only if there was active call. CSSU source repository si here:

File policy.dresc is still in binary form. There was no need to modify it. Some information about policy, prolog and dres written by Nokia developer is in TMO post: There is info how to decompile policy.dresc...