Fremantle closed packages/wappushd

Fremantle PR-1.3.

Closed source package wappushd.

wappushd - OMA WAP push packet handler

Some discussion about wappushd and ports it is using:

Description: WAP push daemon
This package contains daemon for handling WAP push messages

Default installed version

apt-cache policy wappushd
Installed: 0.0.13-fremantle0+0m5
Usage:  /usr/sbin/wappushd [-b] [-d] [-l ANY|CELL] [-s] [-u]
       -b -- do not background
       -d -- enable debugging (implies -b)
       -l ANY|CELL 
          -- listen for UDP messages only on certain types of
             interface (cellular), or any interface. 
             default: cellular
       -s -- do not accept SMS push messages
       -u -- do not accept UDP push messages



ota-settings depends on it.

If removed:

* phone is still working and can be rebooted (not critical)
* hard to find what functionality is missing...