GSoC 2009/Projects/IM Client For Canola


[edit] Project summary

This project intends to build a simple and easy to use IM client plugin for Canola. Initially, we intended to use python-purple as the lib for communications, but we decided to use telepathy instead to be compliant with Maemo's standard.

[edit] Proposed and possible features

  • Client connected in background
  • Tray icon to warn about received messages
  • Auto-login option
  • Bonjour protocol support for finding other Canola users in local network
  • Suggest features! New ideas are always welcome!

[edit] TODO

  • Basic tasks
    • Use and play around with python-purple (DONE, but deprecated)
    • Understand telepathy framework (DONE)
    • Run and study example codes (DONE)
    • Begin development of UI (DONE)
    • Start backend dev. with:
      • Connect to IM networks (GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AIM) (DONE)
      • Buddy-list fetching (DONE)
        • Asynch status update (DONE)
      • Basic messaging support (GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AIM) (DONE)
      • Status setting (DONE)
      • Status message setting (DONE)
    • File transfer support (in progress)
  • Extra features
    • Bonjour support for finding Canola users in LAN (DONE)
    • Improve UI considering community feedback (in progress)
    • Add features recommended by the community (in progress)
    • Finish up documentation

[edit] Project Reports