GSoC 2009/Projects/Picasa plugin for Canola/Report1

[edit] Picasa plugin for Canola - GSoC 2009 Project - Report 1

This is my first report on the GSoC project. Since my proposal was accepted I started to use Canola, study the source code, to understand the way it works. For the development of the plugin I have started with a simple skeleton that was connecting to the Picasa API and was retrieving the name of the albums. During the last 2 weeks I've developed this skeleton. As for now it is able to display the online albums(screenshot). To do this I have studied the Youtube plugin and used similar code to display album's properties. The delete and new albums option are also implemented ( those were coded during the Danish Weekend:D screenshot ) The code that displays the thumbs of the pictures in each album is working but some improvements should be made(screenshot) The thumbs are loaded from Picasa, they are not generated from the actual picture on the device, but the thumbnailer will be used to crop them. I will use the download manager to get the thumbs and the pictures from the server. Also, an option to set the account username / password was added in the settings menu.

During the next 2 weeks, I will continue to develop the interface, add some of the other options( set album properties, upload pictures, .. ). I will try to integrate the plugin with Photocast, to automatically add user's albums. Photocast is already able to display Picasa albums from RSS feeds, so I only need to add the urls in the database.

That's all for now!Please send me any suggestions or comments! Thank you!