GSoC 2009/Projects/Picasa plugin for Canola/Report2

[edit] Picasa plugin for Canola - GSoC 2009 Project - Report 2

This is the second report on the GSoC project. During the last 2 weeks I have continued the development of the plugin doing the following:

  • added code to display pictures in normal and full screen sizes
  • added the clear cache option ( the plugin stores the thumbs and pictures locally on the device in ~/.canola/picasa )
  • revised parts of the code according to glima's suggestions
  • integrated the plugin with Photocast
  • coded the change album name, description and access options

For the next 2 weeks I plan to add some of the other options ( delete pictures from albums, support for picture uploading and search for public pictures made by community )

Any suggestions and comments are welcomed. Thank you!