GSoC 2010/Projects/FaceBrick

[edit] FaceBrick - a facebook client for Maemo / the N900

Student: Kamilla Bremeraunet (brik)

Mentor: Robin Burchell (w00t)

Project status: in development


Weekly updates:

Project summary: The aim of this project is to add more functionality to Facebrick: mainly a desktop widget and inbox.

[edit] Progress:

Settings [done]

• Add settings for changing the font size and automatic update interval.

Desktop widget [80% done]

• Desktop widget showing new statuses, the desktop widget would differ from the existing widget with that it would be scrollable, and have a more typical maemo design. It would also be linked to the full client rather than to www.facebook .com

Inbox [10% done]

• View, send and receive messages: Each way of sending and viewing messages from FaceBrick, FaceBrick would check for new messages every so often.