GSoC 2010/Projects/UPnP Remote Access

[edit] UPnP Remote Access

Status updates for the project :

Project Summary : UPnP facilitates service discovery in a single network but the reach has been limited to a local domain, the project is to bridge them over the Internet

Progress : We decided to do it in Vala, so present implementation uses GUPnP and Libsoup Vala bindings to implement the following features :

  • maintaining the state of local UPnP devices using proxy devices and services, to manage queries from external network - (done)
  • HTTP proxy in Libsoup to route data coming from external networks to the right local device - (done)
  • a discovery mechanism allowing external UPnP control points to search the local network through HTTP - (done)
  • keys handling in X.509 certificates (in C)- (done)

Next Tasks

  • proper representation of a remote host
  • extending UPnP event mechanism
  • X.509 certificates integration