GSoC 2010/Projects/the Tablet of Adventure

Status updates for the project can be found on the blog

[edit] Project summary

The Tablet of Adventure is a tool for generating and sharing location-based adventures with Maemo devices. The adventures may be manually created or follow the Geohashing "automatic adventure generator" concept as popularized by the xkcd comic (#426)

[edit] Progress

what works

  • geohash algorithm
  • distance between your location and destination
  • osmgps map
  • pointers for your location and destination location
  • bearing
  • selecting between adventures - added hardcoded Malmi adventure until custom adventures are supported
  • a finish for a mission
  • social features
  • generate new Geohash at midnight
  • custom adventures

what doesn't

  • generate neighboring graticules Geohashes (i.e. Helsinki and Vantaa)