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[edit] Transifex mobile - GSoC 2010 Project

Status updates for the project can be found on the blog:

[edit] Project summary

This is Google Summer of Code 2010 project which attempts to implement a translation application including heavy integration with web service and offline working support.

[edit] Done

  • Logging into Transifex, session management, CSRF tokens
  • Browsing projects/components/files/languages
  • Pulling PO-files, storing them locally, pushing PO-files back to server
  • Editing PO-files (via polib), Google Translate, update PO-file metainfo
  • Transifex file locking
  • Qt4 models, views, threading, dialogs
  • Better icons so they would fit in better with N900
  • Clean up menus, for example "Exit" is unneccessary
  • Better undo capabilities, at least allow reverting to original string once in string editor window
  • Improve locking logic, for example "Forget changes" upon closing the file should unlock the file
  • Show translation completeness (percentage in PO file list)
  • Check internet connectivity
  • Opening and saving local PO-files
  • User manual

[edit] Fixed in Git

  • Add support for projects with multiple files for same language

[edit] To-do

  • (High priority) Do caching properly so after pulling files user could edit them offline
  • Add icon in Application manager
  • Remove search dialogs and implement addressbook-like in place searching
  • Better error checking: if locking fails, if file is not in utf8
  • Pushing and locking in background
  • Make Transifex interface pluggable so string-level API could be dropped in easily afterwards.
  • Support for custom servers, not only
  • Show only languages user wants
  • Allow setting default target language (skip language selection view)
  • Add Help menu with link to user manual at wiki