Getting started with Maemo Garage



[edit] About Garage

Garage is a software hosting platform for Maemo-related projects.

[edit] Services provided by Garage

  • Website hosting
  • Bugtracker
    • Also includes a patch tracker, support tracker and feature request tracker
  • Subversion hosting (Git available on request)
    • Web-based repository browsing
  • Project file hosting (binary and source release archives)
    • Ability to track number of downloads

[edit] Creating a Garage project

[edit] Registering a Garage account

To create a Garage project you must have a Garage user account. The Garage user registration page can be found at the top of the Garage home page.

[edit] Registering a project

The second step, after logging in, is to register a project. You will find this link at the top of your developer's home page.

The list below shows requirements of a Garage project. You may be sucessful in acquiring project space if you remember the text on the Garage home page, ‘This site is meant for hosting various software projects related to the maemo developer platform.’ Each project must determine these settings for themselves.

[edit] Project purpose and summary

The project purpose is perhaps one of the most important items on the list of requirements. The site administrator will approve your project primarily based on this statement.

[edit] License

Your project must have an open source license. Some suitable licenses are listed by the Open Source Initiative.

[edit] Project Public Description

Your project public description is your first communication with users, and so it is important to offer a concise outline of the project. However, the description can be revised at a later time.

[edit] Project Unix Name

The final requirement is the name that will be used for your project on the Garage servers. This name will be used in many tools and URLs, such as the project information page at, where unixprojectname is replaced with the selected name.

[edit] Working with Subversion

Main article: Subversion

[edit] Creating a website

To use Garage’s website hosting, a www directory containing a static website must be added as a toplevel directory in the Subversion (or Git) repository of the project. The index page should be named index.html, and be placed in the www directory. Changes to a project website must be made to the source code repository, like any source code changes, but are only visible on the project website after a delay of upto 20 minutes. A project website can be accessed from the project information page.

[edit] Trackers and tasks

Trackers are provided for management of bugs, feature requests, patches and support discussion. A ‘Tracker’ link is available from the project information page if the tracker is enabled for a project. As an alternative to the Garage tracker, it is possible for a Garage project that has been uploaded to Extras to request a component in Bugzilla.

[edit] Making releases

Source code and binary releases can be distributed with Garage with the ‘File’ link from the project information page. A release can be made with a changelog and release notes, so that users may read this information without having to download a release in full. A download count is provided for each release. Rather than distributing binary packages through Garage, it is recomended to upload packages to Extras to get the widest exposure and to make installation easier for users.

[edit] External resources