Gonvert is a thorough unit converter.


[edit] Screenshots

Screenshot of Gonvert showing ‘Quick convert’ view
Condensed view for quickly changing what conversions you are doing
Screenshot of Gonvert showing ‘favorites’ view
Favorites support to hide uninteresting units
Screenshot of Gonvert showing ‘quick jump’ view
Quickly search for a unit
Screenshot of Gonvert showing ‘recent unit’ view
Return to a recently-used unit
Screenshot of Gonvert showing ‘unit category’ view
Original Units view and category selector
Screenshot of Gonvert showing ‘unit conversion’ view
Converting between units

[edit] Features

Basic features:

  • 51+ categories with 972+ units
  • Everything is updated as you type
  • Unit Search, Recent Units

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+Enter - toggle between fullscreen
  • Ctrl+w, Ctrl+q - quit
  • Ctrl+l - Copy the debug log contents
  • Ctrl+j Quick Jump
  • Ctrl+r Recent Units
  • Ctrl+f Select Favorites

[edit] Getting Gonvert

Getting Gonvert

  • Maemo 4.1: Available in extras through the Application Manager.
  • Maemo 5 or available in extras through the Application Manager.
  • Ubuntu

Gonvert has been tested on:

  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • Maemo 4.1
  • Maemo 5

[edit] Contribute

Gonvert is available under the GPL v2.1 license

[edit] Trouble Shooting and Reporting of Bugs

A very beneficial log can be found at "~/.gonvert/gonvert.log"